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Lorraine RosaAnanda is the founder of Bliss Yoga in Encinitas, California where she has embraced and empowered students for the last fifteen years to become the highest version of their luminescent self. Through the power of yoga we are able to share the gift of healing mind, body and spirit. Choosing a life of devotion and service after experiencing her first yoga class and becoming a teacher almost 20 years ago. Lorraine has been immersed in the yoga world before asana became westernized. She teaches a flow inspired by Yogananda. At the tender age of seven years old, Lorraine had an experience that allowed her to know the veil would remain open to the Divine. Through her clairvoyant intuitive energy reading's, she graciously guides each person to find their soul purpose and passion. Understanding that Divine love is expressed with more than just words; love is lived as a verb. In 2018 Lorraine was requested to host an event for Shivananda Swamiji in Bliss Yoga. Shivananda was very well received by the students, and they felt the genuine unconditional love and healing that he offers. The insightful teachings of Shivananda on higher consciousness are paving the way to our Golden Age. Shivananda has returned to Bliss Yoga several times and we now offer retreats to Shivananda's Ashram in San Marco La Catola, Italy to receive the full experience.

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