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About Us


Yoga means union and is a term associated with balance of peace in mind, body, and spirit. The practice of yoga enhances physical, emotional, and mental discipline. Bliss is a term associated with extreme happiness, ecstasy and spiritual joy. Bliss Yoga combines the best of all attributes associated with the words and brings to life an experience beyond a statement.
Upon entering Bliss Yoga the serene colored walls, cool wood floors, to the tropical oasis feeling created by the ceiling fans, you will feel that you have left your state of mind and surrendered to the beauty of your deep inner self. Classes are gently heated with proper ventilation so that the muscles can soften and allow your body to flow with the pose. Bliss is a prayer in motion: a moving meditation. It is a hatha flow that concentrates on breath and integrates mind, body and spirit with traditional chanting. We send the OM vibration of sound around the planet for peace, love and unity. One session will leave you feeling rejuvenated and uplifted. All classes and events that are hosted at Bliss multiply the dimension of healing in a safe and nurturing environment embracing the highest vibration of LOVE. 
We welcome you to come experience a world of Bliss.
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